Dental Implant Case Studies

Depending on the type of problem and patient’s desires, Dr Alex Fibishenko says that dental implants can be considered as an alternative to bridges, partial or full dentures and patch-up dentistry. Dental implants may be used to replace a single missing tooth, a segment of missing teeth or in full set teeth replacement. When replacing a segment of missing teeth, or in total rehabilitation ondental implants, it is not necessary or desirable to place implants for every missing tooth. Instead, a smaller number of dental implants may be used to support an implant bridge that replaces adjacent missing teeth. Some examples are shown below:

Single Tooth Replacement

Presentation: Decay and Broken Tooth

Treatment: Single Dental Implant. Note – Results Vary

Implant Bridge

Presentation: Missing Teeth

Treatment: 4 Teeth Bridge supported by 2 Implants.
Note – Results Vary.

Full Set Replacement Teeth

Presentation: Gum Disease with numerous
missing & deteriorated teeth

Treatment: Upper and lower Full Set Replacement.
The final result was delivered within 3 days. Note – Results Vary